Mental Health and Employment Transcript

Mental Health and Employment by Ashley Jackson

Music Theme: Icy Blue: It gives a serious yet slightly upbeat tone

0:40-55- Surveys indicate that Americans, on average, are more sympathetic to people with mental health problems than previous generations, but in the workplace talking about your mental health can put your reputation at risk and even threatens job security.

1:02- People with a mental illness face an unemployment rate of 80%, even though 60% are actually searching for a job.

1:15- One in five adult Americans will develop a mental health problem

1: 51- Of those that did disclose (about their mental disability), one in five were either forced to quit or fired

1:58- Even though anti-discrimination laws exist, what we feel and what we believe about a group of people cannot be regulated


Top image next to the title: A picture of a figure clutching itself, but their brain is visible- to suggest that the point of the image is to focus on their mind.

The circular graph represents the cycle of benefit loss after unemployment, which shows a loss of access to treatment, loss of benefit coverage, etc.

The larger blue head, inside of the head a word cloud of the negative experience vulnerable populations face replaces where the brain would be.

The bottom picture is one of two men, appearance wise, wearing suits shaking hands- to suggest an agreement is being made.