The following  infographics were created by Grinnell College Students in the Fall of 2017 for HUM 295: Mental Health and Policy Outreach, taught by Tammy Nyden.

Black & Dyslexic by Kahlil Epps

Cultural & Linguistic Competency in Mental Health Care by Autumn McMillan

Cyberbullying & Suicide by Jeffrey Li

Destigmatizing High School Mental Health: Changing Attitudes Around Mental Illness by Tess Fisher

Facts and tips how to Empower adolescents about their depression by Deanna Taylor

High Unemployment Rates for People with Mental Illness by Ashley Jackson

It’s Time to Start a Conversation about Children’s Mental Health by Emily Zaffiro

Mental Health in Iowa’s Jails by Emily Collins

Mental Health Screenings in Schools: Early Detection to Connect Students with the Resources They Need by Summer White

Mental Health Services in Iowa: Creating a  Prison Pipeline  by Lily Hamilton

Refugee and Immigrant Access to Mental Health Care in Iowa by Zaw Bo

Peer Support by Kalya Estes

Prioritizing Mental Health Treatment: Know the Importance of Children’s Mental Health by Emily Moss

Support, Don’t Separate: Disabled Parents Have Families Too by Misha Laurence

Within Solitary Confinement by Joshua Cottle